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Legends Unfold

Project Concert Video 

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5245 miles from London lies the Dai village. Here, people use dried gourds and bamboo tubes to construct musical instruments and play the same songs across generations to tell the ancient legend of love and sincerity. There is an exploration of the vanishing traditions of the Dai hulusi, which remain hidden behind ancient tunes in new collaborative compositions. A unique flute enhances the style built over four years of experimentation.


Date: November 30, 2019

Time: 7pm-10pm

Compositions by: Alex McGery, Martin Gaughan, Basil Athanasiadis, Sandy Clark

Flutes: Lin Lin

Conductor: John Warner

Piano/Percussion: Gen Li

Violins: Elena Abad, Chloe Meade

Violo: Daichi Yoshimura

Cello: Henry Hargreaves

Percussion: Ethan Skuodas

Project Gallery

is coming...

Apart from the creative interpretation, the video of "Dai Village"  is also an achievement by Lin in musical visual arts. This video is a collaboration with Miraco Studio, dancer Evie Oldham, and designer Christine Xu. Through abstract body movements, the video starts with an Asian girl communicating with a Western girl by imitating her body language, then she experience the self-cultural consciousness awakening. Cultural conflicts emerge between the two characters, and the story ends up with the mutual acceptance and cultural integration. This video is aiming to express the cultural communication, fusion and it also reflect Lin's self spirit and personal aesthetic seeking. 

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