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Lin Lin – Art Music Project for 21st Century Flute Repertoire

£8.99 – £18.99

mp3/CD Album

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Composers: Alex McGery, Martin Gaughan, Basil Athanasiadis, Sandy Clark

Flutes: Lin Lin

Conductor: Noah Max

Piano/Percussion: Gen Li

Violins: Elena Abad, Chloe Meade

Violo: Daichi Yoshimura

Cello: Henry Hargreaves

Percussion: Isis Dunthorne

This CD album is the result of collaboration with four UK-based composers to allow the flautist to take a creative role by adding embellishments to the composed melodies. The embellishments are based on the hulusi style of the Dai people in Lianghe, China, transplanted and developed with modern flute techniques in line with Lin's aesthetic preferences. Flute melodies are transformed by being profoundly intertwined with personalised embellishments, leading the finished music into new artistic visions. All four new compositions are based on different aspects of Dai culture according to Lin's fieldwork research n 2016.

Anatta is a Buddhist expression meaning 'non-self'. It expresses the belief that living beings have no unchanging, permanent self – no soul. The significance for my project is that the music in this album can be heard as Eastern, Western, obth or neither. As any clear cut cultural demarcation exists only in concept – the great human imagination – the real world is always transforming and interacting with the endless balance. This CD project was not only an artistic experience, but also a personal spiritual process. It started from a search for fusion which was followed by the realisation that identifying music as Eastern or Western, classical or cultural, had become meaningless to me at the end. Once you remove limiting boundaries, you realise that it was you who set them up. The realisation that beyond the self-assembled boundaries lies unlimited everything made me stop sorting the music I play into categories. I play waht I have to play, from the true heart by the changing non-self.

Lin Lin

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