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A Musical Fusion of East & West

May 14th 2015 saw Blackheath Concert Hall hosting an evening described by Chopstick Club CEO Theresa Booth as, “The most wonderful concert!” The concert was organised by ACTIVE company to showcase Chinese flautist and pianist Lin Lin, described by composer Peter Weigold as a “very fine and creative musician” and by conductor Jonathan Tilbrook as “an exceptional musician, a phenomenal flute player and a wonderfully gifted pianist.” The programme designed by Lin was the first public introduction to her experiments in integrating elements of Chinese music into 21st century classical music and attracted a large, appreciative and enthusiastic audience, with every ticket sold a week in advance.

The programme presented a variety of musical works in which the sound worlds and musical structures of China and the West were brought together by Chinese and Western composers and through Lin's own arrangements. Works ranged from traditional Chinese tunes arranged for Western instruments and voice to work by famous Chinese-born composers Zhou Long and Chen Yi. The showpiece was the world premiere of the Hua Mulan Saga, a new work for flute, orchestra and traditional Chinese instruments by British composer Sandy Clark who has used the pentatonic scale and traditional instruments to illustrate the story of Chinese legend Hua Mulan.

The European premiere of Chen Yi's ‘Golden Flute concerto’ was also a great success and the audience were quick to praise British conductor Jonathan Tillbrook, Lin Lin and Trinity Symphony Orchestra augmented by three traditional Chinese instrumentalists from China Art Band.

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