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Dai 傣

A Musical Journey with Lin Lin

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Live Recording of Recital with Contemporary Flute Music, at Council Chamber Room, London, September 15th, 2017. 

Composers: Chen Yi, Alex McGery, Sandy Clark, Martin Gaughan, Yang Jiansheng

Flutes: Lin Lin

Piano/Percussion: Gen Li

All music selected for this concert present Lin Lin's PhD research of "Creative Realization" process in creating new flute music. "Creative Realization" is an artistic process for performers to add personal style of embellishments to solo part of the score, and the embellishing resouce and techniques are based on Dai hulusi music. A free-reed wind instrument hulusi is a folk musical instrument of Dai ethnic people living in the southern Yunnan province of China. Adding flourished embellishment to melodies is considered as a main part of performer's interpretation in Dai hulusi music. Lin transplanted the embellishing techniques from hulusi to flute, and developed a creative interpretation style by collaborating with composers to creating new flute compositions. 


Lin's cross-cultural performance research provides opportunities for exploring the performer-composer relationship and developing the role of the peformer's creativitiy and aesthetic ideas in interpretation. "Dai Village" composed by Alex McGery, "Lament" composed by Sandy Clark, and "The Whispering Moon" composed by Martin Gaughan are new compositions created with the research project concept. Other compositions are selected as comparisons to Lin's research practical results.

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